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Leafgel Premium Education System

Leafgel Premium Canada is currently providing both online and/or in-person training for Level 1-3 classes by Komo sensei in different languages. Please check @leafgelbc instagram to see if our educators are going to host a class soon.

Komo sensei intro

We recognize the uncertainty in the beauty industry right now and it's scary for all of us. But we can try to stay positive and make the best use of more time at home. Use this precious time to improve your skills and earn certificates.

Level 1

Eligibility: Open to everyone


  1. Basic knowledge of nail

  2. Filings to finish up the gel nail beautiful

  3. Nail care to prolong the gel nail

  4. Basic knowledge of soft gel

  5. Basic knowledge of Leafgel Premium

  6. Preparation

  7. Gel clear

  8. Solid Color Application 

  9. Gel removal

Time:  6.5 hours

Price: $260

What to bring: A set of equipment needed for nail care・A set of equipment needed for gel nail・Writing utensils

* Level 1 certificate is issued upon completion.


Level 2

Eligibility: Level 1 Certificate Holder


  1. Introduction of Leafgel Premium colours

  2. Color gradation Technique

  3. Lamè gradation

  4. French

  5. Peacock

  6. Border lamè line

  7. Gel repair

Time: 6.5 hours

Price: $260

What to bring: A set of equipment needed for nail care・Student Kit

* Level 2 certificate is issued upon completion.


Level 3

Eligibility: Level 2 Certificate Holder


  1. Marble

  2. Tie dye

  3. Floral pattern

  4. Deformation French

  5. Gel chip overlay

  6. Gel sculpture (extension)

Time:  7.5 hours

Price:  $330

What to bring:  A set of equipment needed for nail care・Student Kit

* Level 3 certificate is issued upon completion.

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