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SpaLuce Lip, Nail & Eye Serum 10ml

SpaLuce Lip, Nail & Eye Serum 10ml [NO extra discount]

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SpaLuce Lip, Nail & Eye Serum 10ml

It is a multi-purpose product for lips, nails, and eyes. A winter moisturizer with beauty secrets in red.

SpaLuce Serum Oi is a single product that can be used to care for plump lips, full and supple eyes, beautiful nails and smooth nail areas.

SpaLuce Lip, Nail & Eye Serum 10ml

SpaLuce Serum Oil is a luxurious serum containing stem cell extracts, ceramide, retinol, and other beauty ingredients in argan oil, jojoba oil, and other oils.
It prevents dryness and damage around nails and keeps fingertips healthy and beautiful.
It can also be used as a gloss while moisturizing the lips.
It also prevents dryness around the delicate eye area by moisturizing and firming the eye area.
Patch tested (This does not mean that all people will not experience skin irritation.)

How to use
◆ Nail.  Apply a small amount of SpaLuce serum oil to the base of the nail and massage lightly around the nail and fingertip.

SpaLuce Lip, Nail & Eye Serum 10ml

◆ Lip.  Use it as a lip serum, lip base, or lip gloss.
If you are concerned about dryness, apply oil-in-serum, wrap and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.
◆ Eye.  For day and night care, apply a moderate amount to the eye area and massage lightly.
If you are concerned about dryness, apply the serum oil to the eye area, then cover the eye area with plastic wrap and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes.
◆ Special Facial Pack.  Apply SpaLuce serum oil to the entire face and massage lightly. Afterwards, wipe off any stickiness. This treatment will leave your skin glowing with firmness and hydration.

Squalane. Jojoba oil. Argan oil. Pomegranate seed extract. Apple stem cell extract
Ceramide NP. Retinol. Canina rose fruit oil. Soft orange fragrance
*Citrus aromatic ingredients are used in accordance with IFRA phototoxicity guidelines (free of photosensitizing ingredients).
*Compounding ingredients Due to the effect of jojoba oil's melting point, it tends to turn solid at temperatures below 7°C (45°F). During cold weather, solids may separate from the liquid. This phenomenon can be resolved by heating the product.


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